Lincoln City, Oregon
An affordable place to retire on the Oregon Coast

For anyone seeking to retire in an area where they can find an active, adventure-filled lifestyle, Lincoln City and the Central Oregon Coast is an exciting and intriguing place to live and one that ought not to be overlooked in searching for that best place to retire,

And don’t be deterred by the absence of any large cities nearby. This small enclave of 7,500 residents perched on seven miles of beach front may seem like a small town, but the neighboring area of Newport offers a casino with several resort hotels that attract visitors year round and provides shopping and dining facilities that might normally be absent in your average small town setting.

Lincoln City Oregon - an affordable place to retire
Lincoln City - retirees can ride on the beach


The Chamber of Commerce boasts that the community is ranked as one of the top 25 places to retire in the country, and when one considers the mild climate, beautiful scenery and a seemingly endless list of recreational opportunities, this label may be hard to contradict.


Thousands of visitors are annually drawn to Lincoln City by the spectacle of whales making their annual migration along the Pacific Coast. One of the more unique activities in Lincoln City is the annual float search, an event where local artisans create hand-blown glass floats, similar to those which were historically used by Japanese fishermen on their nets, and hide them along the city’s seven miles of beaches to be found by watchful residents as they walk the shoreline. (For more on this activity, click here.)




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Hiking and backpacking enthusiasts can roam the challenging trails of the Cascade Head Research Area, fishermen and golfers both can find plenty of places to enjoy their avocations, and even kite fliers will find the ocean breezes along the beachfront a great venue.

Lincoln City Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Kite flying in retirement community of Lincoln City
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