Best Places To Retire on The Water - Easton and Maryland's Eastern Shore

Best places to retire on the water - Maryland's Eastern Shore
Enjoy retirement living on the water
Affordable places to retire -  Easton Maryland

Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Annapolis to Maryland's Eastern Shore, one is abruptly transported to a rural countryside serrated by scores of coves and inlets and dotted with a charming collection of small towns. For those who enjoy fishing, boating, hunting and bird-watching; the Eastern Shore has much to offer. Many who discover this "land of pleasant living" with its maritime traditions and relaxed, laid-back pace of life eventually find themselves searching for vacation or retirement homes here.

Easton, the largest community in the region with a population rapidly approaching 20,000, has a resplendent combination of colonial, Federal and Victorian homes, churches and quaint shops. Although not directly on the Bay, it is close to the rivers and creeks that feed into the Chesapeake and only minutes from two smaller waterfront towns, St. Michaels and Oxford, each of which has a rich heritage dating back to the 1600's. Today, the narrow streets and restored buildings of each of these historic towns house restaurants, trendy boutiques and antique stores.

Having served as a sophisticated summer country retreat for affluent families from Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, Easton has long been one of the more progressive town on the Shore and the center of cultural activity. The Avalon Theatre, built in 1921 and restored as a 400-seat performing arts center now hosts a wide range of concerts, plays and other performances. A number of art galleries and museums add to the cultural and arts scene and serve to provide a broad spectrum of cultural opportunities for both residents and tourists year round.

Such lifestyle amenities, along with the mild climate and relaxed pace of life, have resulted in a significant surge in population growth, as more and more people discover the advantages of living in Easton and surrounding communities. Consequently, the demand for housing has generated an upswing in development and a substantial rise in the cost of housing. With the average cost of new homes approaching $350,000, it is more becoming more difficult for the average buyer to find affordable housing. However, several new communities designed to appeal to the retiree market and offering reasonably priced homes have recently been started.

Population Easton: 19,151 St. Michaels: 3,460 Oxford: 1,394 Talbot County: 34,827

Climate: January av. low 26 July av. high 88 Rainfall: 42 inches Snowfall: 5 inches

Sales tax: 5% Income tax: 7% Estate tax: none

Places to retire on the water - Easton MD


Places to retire on the water - Easton Maryland

Best Places For Affordable Retirement Living

Places to retire on the water - Easton MD

Easton Village

Perched along the banks of the Tred Avon River, Easton Village is a new neighborhood designed in the tradition of the Eastern Shores's best small towns and waterfront villages. Here streets have an intimate feel with narrow lanes lined with porches facing front gardens and yards. Easton Village features a series of neighborhood parks and squares, each with its own character and sense of place, many of which will be connected to a pedestrian path and trail system that takes advantage of the site's natural features.


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